Research Interests

I am an applied economist with research interests in nexus of food, health, and behavioral economics. My current research focuses on how consumer food consumption behaviors are shaped by policies, preferences, and product attributes. As a part of my post-doctoral research agenda, I apply behavioral economics approach to assess preferences for COVID-19 vaccines for children, marijuana, and tobacco products. In addition, I am also interested in behavioral economics more broadly. For example, my past research explored discrepancies between laboratory experiments and true stakeholder decisions. I tested this in the context of land conservation programs. As a research assistant, I have worked on projects focused on local food sourcing in farm-to-school programs in the United States as well as using technology in household food waste reduction.

Working Papers

Panchalingam, T. “Effects of Public Health Insurance Expansions on the Non-Healthcare Consumption of Low-income Households.” (Job Market Paper [Link])

With Michael Cooper, Ce Shang, and Yuyan Shi Behavioral Economic Relationship between Marijuana Dried Flowers and Concentrates: Evidence from Simulated Purchase Tasks (manuscript in preparation)

With Michael Cooper, Ce Shang, and Yuyan Shi Behavioral Economic Relationship between Marijuana Joints and Cigarettes: Evidence from Simulated Purchase Tasks (manuscript in preparation)

Panchalingam, T. Who Buys Portion-Controlled Sizes of Full Calorie Soda? Evidence from Scanner Data (May 3, 2021). Available at SSRN:

Academic Publications

Brooker, M. R., D’Ambrosio, J., Jones, M. M. L., Kalcic, M., King, K. W., LaBarge, G., Panchalingam, T., … & Martin, J. F. (2021). A Public-Private Partnership to Locate Fields for Implementation and Monitoring of Best Management Practices to Treat Legacy Phosphorus. Front. Sustain. Food Syst. 5: 742817. doi: 10.3389/fsufs.

Panchalingam, T., Ritten, C. J., Shogren, J. F., Ehmke, M. D., Bastian, C. T., & Parkhurst, G. M. (2019). Adding realism to the Agglomeration Bonus: How endogenous land returns affect habitat fragmentation. Ecological Economics, 164, 106371. [Link]

Jones Ritten, C., Bastian, C., Shogren, J. F., Panchalingam, T., Ehmke, M. D., & Parkhurst, G. (2017). Understanding pollinator habitat conservation under current policy using economic experiments. Land, 6(3), 57. [Link]

Ehmke, M., Jones-Ritten, C., Shogren, J., & Panchalingam, T. (2015). Integrating ecological and economic considerations for pollinator habitat policy. Choices, 30 (316-2016-7771). [Link]

Work in Progress

With Yuyan Shi “US parents’ refusal and hesitancy to vaccinate their children under 16 against COVID-19.”

Panchalingam, T., and Wijesinghe, W. P. A. S. 2021 “Food Loss in Trade: A case study of South Asia using the Import Refusal Reports of the United States Food and Drug Administration.”